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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Work for Client

Some of my works where I did Pre production to Post Production...


Project: Mobile ad
Client: RK Mobile Company
Software Used: Maya for 3D and Premiere for Editing.
Description: Single-handedly completed the enire project. I got the sound from my client. Then I designed the character followed by modeling, Texturing and Rigging it. Then did the animation. Finally, compositing and editing.


Project: DoCoMo ad
Client: Created for Myself
Software Used: Flash and Premiere
Description: I have created this Ad for the DOCOMO contest. Here I have used their letters DO, CO, MO to create the entire animation.

 C) 3D Animation Clip

Project: Bulb Dance
Client: German Client
Software Used: Maya, Photoshop and Premiere
Description: Here I got the sound clip only...Then I have designed the character and then did the production part in 3D and of course editing after that.

D) T.V. Commercial

Project: Mineral Water Compnay Ad
Client: Local Client
Software Used: Maya, Photoshop and Premiere
Description: This is a local Cable T.V. advertisement. I have created for the Mineral Water Company named Pabitra Jal

E) Raja Gaja (T.V. Soap)

Project: Raja Gaja
Client: Zee TV
Software Used: Maya, Photoshop
Description: Worked on this T.V. series named 'Raja Gaja" broadcasted in Zee TV. I have created the CG part where Snake is talking to Raja...I did 3D part and submitted them..they did compositing and editing..watch out the small part of that here....

F) Intro Animation

Project: Intro for Interface 2010
Client: Arena Animation Chowringhee
Software Used: Flash, Photoshop, Combustion, Premiere.
Description: As I am working in Arena Animation, so I did this is an intro animation for the Annual function of Arena Animation Chowringhee called INTERFACE... Here to do this project I am thankful to Nirmalya (for helping me in animation) and Arnab (for the concept)

G) Realistic Product in 3D

Project: Realistic Product  explained in 3D
Client: More than one client
Software Used: Maya, Photoshop, Premiere.
Description: WoI have done several Product Design Works for my clients. Sometimes I have shown the entire mechanism of that product...displayed several parts of the product including their functions etc..Here are few examples of  those works......



H) 3D small Clip to spread awareness...

Project: 3D Hand holding Plant
Client: US Client
Software Used: Maya, Photoshop,
Description: Here I was asked to create a 3D animation based on this idea - to show the awareness about saving green in our robotic life

Thank you

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