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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Students' Work

As I am working in Arena Animation Chowringhee since 2008 as a mentor, so it is my privilege to work with students and create films. I love to make films with them. In these films I have tried to guide them and helped them to finish their film in every stages of production.(Pre-production, Production  Post- production). But I must congratulate all these students, because without their sincerity, hard work, it was impossible to complete these films.

 1) Think Before You Act (3D Film)
 This film is very much special to me because this is my first 3D (MAYA) film after I joined Arena Animation.

2) Thirsty Crow (2D Film)
 This film also special to me because this is my first 2D (Flash) film after I joined Arena Animation.

3) Save The World (3D Film)
Then I worked on this project...and this file really special to me because this film got selected for Asia Pacific Animation Challenge 2010.

This film got selected and we went to Hongkong to present this film..Two films got selected from India and this was one of them. There students were asked to correct this film and out mentor was Markuz, CEO of Rhythm and Hues. He said few changes and accordingly theyworked on this film. It was really a good opportunity to work with him and was a real fun...Here is that film after doing those changes

4) Photosynthesis (2D Project)
 This project is little different from others..This is not a film but it is an e-learning project where subject is Photosynthesis. Here we tried to show photosynthesis process in a different way....watch it

5) Bicycle (3D Film)
 During 2008-2009 i got a group of sincere students like Rajib, Soumendra, Sweta and then started again working on the film. They are always interested doing 3D film. This is my second film with this group (First one is Think Before You Act)

6) Reflection (3D Film)
  With the same group I started this film again...For this film they have got Socond prize in Creative Mind (Inter Arena Students Competition

7) Who Next ? (2D Film)
 After a long period I have got another sincere student (Shalini Pandey) and with her long effort after almost 8 months this film got completed. Watch it...

Thank you very much

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