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Sunday, August 29, 2010


Hi Guys.
Here i am posting few images which  are created in Maya....

A) Old Man Modeling

After creating this model  i felt to do some detailing.... then i have created the detailing in maya using triangles....

Here u can check the wireframe....

Here you can check the reference image i have taken for the head modeling....


While doing the modeling suddenly i felt to do the lighting....Here it is where i have practiced lighting using this model

B) Face (Lady)

This is a female head modeling.... here i have kept the reference which one i have used to do this model

C) Low Poly Model
Here i have tried to make a low poly model.... i have tried to come out with the anatomy...not the detailing..I have plan to take it in Zbrush for detailing.... Here the ploy count for this model is 4320 faces....

Here again u can check the face with the reference....



 D) Muscle Man

Here i have tried to create the muscle maintaining the flow.....

Thank you very much

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